LPI Linux Essentials Train-the-Trainer

Track Room Location: Room H133, Heritage Hall (Collin College's Preston Ridge campus)

Please note this is an Essentials-level track, designed to introduce the topic of Linux to instructors.


The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has started the LPI Academy to help academic institutions teach Linux. During this session LPI Senior Trainers will provide train-the-trainer instruction designed to help faculty teach a new introduction to Linux course. This new course will prepare students for the LPI Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement.

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Basic keyboard skills


Keith Wright has been working with and teaching Linux for over twenty years. He has the following certifications: RHCE, LPIC, Linux+, Network+, and A+.


  1. Introduction to Linux
    Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
    Choosing an Operating System

  2. Open Source Applications and Licenses
    Major Open Source Applications
    Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing

  3. Using Linux
    ICT Skills and Working in Linux

  4. Command Line Skills
    Command Line Basics

  5. Getting Help
    Using the Command Line to Get Help

  6. Working with Files and Directories
    Using Directories and Listing Files
    Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

  7. Archiving and Compression
    Archiving Files on the Command Line

  8. Pipes, Redirection and REGEX
    Searching and Extracting Data from Files

  9. Basic Scripting
    Turning Commands into a Script

  10. Understanding Computer Hardware

  11. Managing Packages and Processes
    Where Data is Stored

  12. Network Configuration
    Your Computer on the Network

  13. System and User Security
    Basic Security and Identifying User Types

  14. Create a New User
    Creating Users and Groups

  15. Ownership and Permissions
    Managing File Permissions and Ownership

  16. Special Permissions, Links and File Locations
    Special Directories and Files


Instructor Links

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Certification Info

Linux Essentials information can be found here:

Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.